Chantal Morrin

Her research interests and publications focus on interprofessional collaboration between physicians and osteopaths, the relationship between osteopathic dysfunctions and the occurrence of otitis media, postural asymmetry, or delayed motor development in children, inter-rater fidelity of cranial assessment, the state of scientific knowledge in osteopathy, description of clinical practices, facilitators and barriers to evidence-based practice and pedagogy. She has been involved in various national and international committees and organizations working in education and research development in rehabilitation and complementary and integrative medicine such as the REPAR, INCAM, Canadian Federation of Osteopath, COME Collaboration, OIA, ISCMR and ARCCIM.

Top publications

Morin, C., Gaboury, I. (2021). Osteopathic empirical research: a bibliometric analysis from 1966 to 2018. BMC Complement Med Ther 21, 196.

Morin, C., Gaboury, I., Desrosiers, J (2018). Enablers and barriers to the development of interprofessional collaboration between physicians and osteopaths: a mixed methods study. Journal of Interprofessional Care. 32:4, 463-472, DOI:10.1080/13561820.2018.1435515

Morin, C. et Aubin, A. (2014). Primary reasons for osteopathic consultation: a prospective survey in Quebec. Plos One, 2014; 9(9) :e106259.

Morin, C., Dorion, D., Moutquin, J-M., Levasseur, M. (2012). Suture restriction of the temporal bone as a risk factor for acute otitis media in children: cohort study. BMC Pediatrics, 12:181.