Gopi Anne Mcleod

Gopi Anne McLeod is an Australian registered Osteopath, Clinical Advisor to the National Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency, clinician and researcher. Gopi’s PhD project developed innovative approaches to student learning as part of the broader task of enhancing osteopathic education at a national level. Gopi is an experienced university educator and the former past Chair of the Australian Osteopathic Accreditation Council. Gopi has an interest in acute neurological emergency care and with a Masters’s degree in Neuro-musculoskeletal Management is currently undertaking a clinical placement in the Acute Stroke Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney.

Top Publications:

McLeod, G. Morgan, E. McMillian, S. McMahon, S. Sanna, N. (2022) Why are patients not doing their prescribed home-based exercises?An updated review of the factors affecting adherence to prescribed home-based exercise in patients with chronic low back pain. Home Health Care Management & Practice. 2022 1-9

McLeod, G. Vaughan, B. Carey, I. Shannon, T. Winn, E. (2020) Pre-professional reflective practice: strategies, perspectives and experiences. International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, 35, 50-56  DOI:10.1016/j.ijosm.2019.11.005

McLeod, G. Annels, K. Cohen, J. Edwards, S. Hodgins, D. Vaughan, B. (2017). Work related musculoskeletal injuries sustained by Australian osteopaths: Qualitative analysis of effects on practitioner health, clinical practice and patient care. Chiropractic and Manual Therapy 25:26 doi: 10.1186/s12998-017-0158-7